Legacide - Why legacy thinking is the silent killer of innovation.

“We need to innovate!”

- Every CEO ever

Innovation is not about changing your product, it’s about changing your mindset. It’s not about doing something new, it’s about stopping doing something old. Basically, this entire book rehashes these two lines in as many ways as ground-breaking (if you dropped him off a high platform wearing heavy shoes) business thinker Richard Mulholland was able to do in around 120 pages. That said, changing the legacy mindset is not easy, but hot-damn, it’s worthwhile. Legacide hopes to do just that.

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“Richard Mulholland is more than a breath of fresh air - he's a hurricane!”

- Oli Barrett MBE

“Undeniably brilliant... it will change your life.”

- Mike Stopforth, Author of Brand Schizo

“The kick in the ass you need to challenge the status quo.”

- Howard Mann, Author  of  Your Business Brickyard

Richard kicked off his career as a rock 'n roll roadie, operating lights for bands such as Iron Maiden, Def Leppard… and Cliff Richard. From there he started SA's largest presentation firm, Missing Link, and co-founded Innovation Lab 21Tanks and digital agency Firing Squad. Richard is a highly regarded speaker. When not addressing many of South Africa's top corporations, he is a columnist for Longevity and Destiny Man magazines. He also wrote an article once for Playboy. I mean really, how effing rad is this guy?